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Data protection software is constantly evolving and so are we. Net Friends is here to pair industry-leading backup technology with our expert backup management services.

Our goal is to help you focused on what matters most—your mission—while we provide the support and peace of mind you need to succeed. We're ready to go! Are you? In 3, 2, 1...

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Why Add Managed Backup Services?

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Disaster Recovery

The real reason why you backup your data is to protect against worst case scenarios. Whether that's a natural disaster or a cybersecurity threat looming at your door, our managed backup solution ensures rapid recovery with data integrity in mind.

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Access from Anywhere

Downtime and data loss can mean a massive financial hit to your business.
The cloud feature ensures you can access your data from anywhere, at any time. Our backup management service can helps you unlock uninterrupted workflows and unparalleled business continuity.


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Save Money

An off-site backup management solution reduces the need for expensive on-site hardware and administrative expenses. It also acts as a fail-safe insurance policy against having to pay $100,000+ in ransom when trying to decrypt your infected data.

Data that remains Secure, Accessible, & Optimized

Whether you prefer on-premise, off-site, and/or cloud-based solutions, we ensure that your backup plan suits your data protection goals.  Keep your systems protected from unauthorized access. Unlock seamless workflows and uninterrupted operations. Optimize data retention and integrity. We also provide cross-platform backup services that adapt to your network's infrastructure.

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Top 6 Reasons Why Net Friends Managed Backup is Unique

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   Compliance Forward Approach


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            Proactive Risk Mitigation

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                      Expert Analysis

     Rapid Response and Recovery


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                Accurate Restoration



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      Comprehensive Ticketing System



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Migrate to a compliance proof infrastructure

Organizations across every industry face more and more regulations everyday. If you’re using an email SaaS solution, like Microsoft Office 365, your data is at high risk in the event of an outage, accidental deletion, or malicious attack. Secure and recover information quickly with our recommended cloud-based backup and replication plan.

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Unlock tools for complete visibility and verified recoverability

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